What is your name?

Hi Everyone,

When Jacob was wrestling with GOD, GOD could have asked him many questions. Jacob said I’m not letting you go until you bless me. But GOD asked him “What is your name?”

My question is when Our GOD is an Omniscient GOD and definately knows our name, then why did He ask Jacob,
“What is your name?”

Is it because in the past he stole the blessings from his blind father by pretending to be Esua and God wanted to test him? Or is there something more to understand.

Kindly share your inputs. Thanks.

Thank You Melvinjoel,
I think you are right on target with your summation.
And to take it even further I think this was just the beginning of God promoting Spiritual Growth within
Jacob by reminding him of things past .
God further doubled down on this schooling of Jacob by introducing him to an even more slippery character than himself in the form of Laban, who in turn deceived Jacob as to the identity of his two daughters so that Jacob mistakenly married Leah instead of Rachel .
I have found in my own life this is a favored method of God’s not to judge us but to grow us into fully mature Spiritual creatures .
God Bless+ Mike

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@melvinjoel. I trust you are well. Thanks for your question, and I too have found it interesting that scripture records God asking a question(s) as if he needed information. Gen. 3, shows this right after Adam & Eve were deceived and sought to hide from God. I believe that in such cases, where God asks a question, it is do get us (those the question is directed to) to think about ourselves in that context. For example: In Gen. 3 God asks “Where are you?” Surely, this doesn’t mean that God was lacking, needing or wanting information; that for a time he simply “didn’t know”. Instead, I believe God is asking this of Adam and Eve to get them to consider and ponder just where they are (spiritually), now that they disobeyed God. It is to ask “Where are you spiritually?” “Where are you in respect to your relationship with God?”

Concerning God’s question to Jacob, I think the same thing applies here. God asks “What is your name?” to get Jacob (the trickster) the think about his life, who he was and has been up until now. In the next verse we see that Jacob is given a new name - Israel, and it is from Jacob (or this point) that the 12 tribes of Israel are born. I think overall, the point is that God is not needing or lacking in information, but often to trying to teach or show us something.


Mark 10:51-52
“What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him. The blind man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.”
“Go,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.

Jesus knew that the blind man wanted to receive his sight. Yet he asked what the blind man wanted him to do for him. The reply was an expression of his faith in what Christ can do for him. The question is the prelude to a great change. The man received his sight and followed Jesus. He became a new man.

Genesis 32:26 The man asked him, “What is your name?” “Jacob,” he answered.

Jacob wrestled with God for an entire night. Some Bible scholars say that it was an angel who Jacob thought was God. The most important thing of this event is not the wrestling, but the determination of Jacob to receive God’s blessing.

God knew the name of Jacob but he chose to ask his name anyway. As in the case of the blind man, the question was the prelude to what a great thing God was about to do for Jacob. After he replied that his name is Jacob, God put away the old with the new. From this time Jacob became a new man; but it was not till after a severe struggle that he got his name, his heart, and his character changed. After this he was no more Jacob the supplanter, but Israel - the man who prevails with God, and sees him face to face.

We may learn from this that the redemption of the soul will be the blessed consequence of wrestling by prayer and supplication with God.