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What is your say on the New thought movement or the so called divine science?

Lately, I came across a book on “The Sermon on the Mount” written by Emmet Fox; who seems to be part of the church of divine science. Although, the book is purely biblical and asserts it’s truth, I need a clear understanding of what I’m getting myself into. Anyone Kindly help clarify my inquisitives on this.

I’ve never heard of it before, but seems to have links to a founder called Nona Brooks with the so called ‘New Thought Movement’, a ‘prophet of modern mystical Christianity’. Personally, I would be fairly skeptical reading this material.

“According to Nona Brooks, a founder of this teaching, “the practice of the presence of God is the whole of Divine Science.””

the Sermon on the Mount is so full of great teaching from Jesus; I especially like (and am challenged) by the choice Jesus says; “You cannot worship both God and money” ( Matthew 6:19-24), which then leads to “Do not worry” ( Matthew 6:25-34), and one of my favourite verses at the end of the passage in Matthew 6:34 " Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

what is your favourite part of the Sermon on the mount?


Dear @matthew.western, Thank you so much for the kind reply. The information you gave is very helpful to me and cleared my doubts. Divine Science and the New thought movement are obviously cult I figure it now. Also, I came across a book titled, " The Kingdom of Cults" wtitten by Walter Martin and general edited by Ravi Zacharias. Though I couldn’t get to read the whole book, I found it mentioning the sublime deviation in the core Christian doctrines of the Divine Science and the New thought movement.

Thank you for sharing your interests on the sermon on the mount, it’s quite encouraging to hear from you.

The beatitudes are my favorite, for the truth in them is so intense. Yet, only Jesus could state them as simple as a two line poem.

Thank you for the detailed reply.


Also, I stopped reading the book. And one of the other best books out there to explore part of the sermon on the mount I found is " Be Loyal, A bible study series written by Warren.W.Wiersbe on the Book of Matthew. If you find anything interesting and worthwhile to read, kindly share with us.


Hi Phebe
Yes I’ve heard the book ‘The kingdom of the cults’ is a good one but I haven’t read it cover to cover. I did find it available to read online for free (legally) via the internet archive and have used it as a reference before.

Yes I haven’t read much of Warren Wiersbe before but I know he’s a good author (my Dad has a few of his books and I managed to get one from my grandmas books). :slight_smile:

Don’t let me stop you reading the other author and seeing where they have gone wrong - especially if you are trying to reach someone for Christ in that movement. :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Thank you for the kind reply @matthew.western sure I’ll check into the link you have attached. Ya you are right I’ll go through that and find the flaws and learn how to defend the truth.

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