What next after 'Everyday Questions'?

(Leonie Currin) #1

As a small church group we completed the 9 week course ‘Everyday Question’. It was the first course we have done in our church.
We enjoyed the content. The manuals are an excellent resource and the opportunity to discuss and debate, generated by the family story that weaves throughout the manual, is very helpful.

What would you suggest that we do next year?

Thanks for any advice

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

HI @Leonie,

Thank you for this great feedback. I am encouraged to hear that Everyday Questions was helpful to you and your small group!

For your next small group study, you might consider Ravi and Vince’s study, Jesus Among Secular Gods:

We are also working on three additional modules in the Everyday Questions series. Hopefully these will be available soon, starting with the next one sometime in 2019.

Finally, if the members of your church small group would be so kind as to provide a review at CBD’s website, this will provide helpful information to others who are considering Everyday Questions for their church and small group:

Please let me know if you have any other questions about Everyday Questions!