What of those who never experenice God in the traditional sense?

Those who come to Christ through apologetics and by no other means how should they view the general Chrisitan experience if they never experience God that way? For example, some say they have such a love for Christ and passion for God, others say they came to Christ through them feeling the Holy Spirit, and some had this crazy encounter with God.

For those who are like me who never had a true encounter with God on those levels or question the encounters they seem to have had are we to trust solely in the evidence we know?

What does it mean for us if we don’t have a love/passion for Christ like we see others have? Should we not compare? Does it indicate something is wrong with the individual if they don’t experience God in those miraculous ways?


Great question @Luna
I came to the Lord through a supernatural encounter when I was 29. My wife gave her life to Jesus as a child and has been faithful all her life. My opinion is that the faithfulness of people who come to the Lord through apologetics or as a child is far greater than those of us who come through a supernatural encounter. Sorry, I need to correct myself, everybody who comes to Christ, has a supernatural encounter, to have Holy Ghost take up residence in them.
It says in scripture that he who has been forgiven much loves much (Luke 7:47). I believe that the reason, some of the people you are talking about have such a passion is because they realize what they have been forgiven. If any of us grasp this, how much we have been forgiven, we would fall at his feet in worship every day.
I find, in the case of my marriage, however, that my wife has a much more secure and steady faith than me as she has had Holy Spirit working in her for much longer. My faith, on the other hand, goes up and down with my emotions and learning. For example, I am really struggling now, trying to make sense of what I learned in the Science module.

I would like to try to answer your questions but I hope some others do also:

  1. I believe God is greatly pleased by those who trust his Word, without encountering him…yet. I say yet because any of us can have an encounter at any time. Just last Sunday we were in church and my wife (who is a Baptist), went down under the power of Holy Spirit, for the first time in her life during prayer. She is 38. This has never happened to me :slightly_frowning_face: (jealous) :smile:
  2. We can develop a passion for God if we spend time with Him. I like to meditate on the Song of Solomon and think of it as a letter between us, His church and Jesus as our bridegroom.
  3. It is hard not to compare, I know. I have lost a lot of the passion I had for Jesus when I first got saved and I miss it. It is better not to compare but it is a human issue we all deal with to some degree.
    4 **It definitely does not mean that there is anything wrong with the person if they don’t experience God in the miraculous. ** I have been seeking and praying for the gift of healing for years and am only seeing a 5-10% success rate, however, I am not giving up.
    I hope this was encouraging @Luna. When I got saved first I had a thirst for the miraculous and before I had kids I simply traveled, to churches where I knew he was moving, to experience it.
    God sees our desire to see Him move, but in the words of Misty Edwards, and it took me a long time to really believe this, “You are God, I am man, you are sovereign. Finally, I surrender”. :raised_hands:

Well, Luna, my experience has been varied. At first there was a kind of “tugging”, a growing “truth radar” sensation that led me in His direction. As that grew through a variety of situations and environments, i began to believe in, and trust, Him more.

There were periods of “Divine coincidences” for some time — not miracles exactly but amazing incidents that i could not have planned if i tried, yet they carried deep meaning for me at that time.

And now there are sometimes that seem very miraculous yet i have come to see them as His ever-loving, ever-guiding “barely invisible” Hand. I have seen such variety of experience in my travels that i believe He can work in very individualistic ways and gives us what we need most at different stages in our lives.

I don’t know if that helps you in your search, but it brings a sense of peace in my heart. Sometimes i get to be “on fire” and burn brightly, sometimes i get to serve quietly and watch others radiate His love. Over all, i trust Him to have His Way with me no matter what the externals look like.

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Hey @Luna,

I’m a very calculated person who does not like risk my comfort or chancing a loss, and used to practice my spiritual life in this manner. Then it was about 9 years ago was tired of living that life and yielded everything, “all the chips on the table” so to speak, and declared I wanted to be apart of God’s kingdom in amazing ways, that I wanted to be used far greater than my capacity. (I’m still undecided if I was like Jacob and was fighting God, which is not exactly something I’d recommend.). I decided to stop being scared and let Him have my all. It’s been a crazy 9 years of experiences and spiritual growth!

This is just my experience and perhaps someone else can relate. You definitely don’t want to compare your life with another person’s, but if you are really curious, ask the Lord to take stock of your commitments, and to reveal any and all dark places you have not completely yielded or crucified. You may need to exercise persistence (confer Lk. 18), but the Lord will not disappoint someone who is openly and wholeheartedly seeking His will and to serve with all their heart.