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What Premium Do You Place on Love?

Throughout this week’s Take Five, South Africa-born Oxford-based RZIM speaker Lara Buchanan will be exploring Paul’s famous Song of Love in 1 Corinthians 13 to uncover the continued relevance of these ancient words to our thoroughly modern context.

[Paul] seems to be saying: A runner training to be the best will aim for the highest road, and if you likewise are aiming for the highest form of spirituality, then listen up! I’m going to show you that road; I’m going to show you the highest of all ways.

[Paul] says that without love, [eloquence, intellect, and social change] are of no value. He doesn’t say that without love they are slightly less value, or of relative value. He says of no value whatsoever.

When we’re searching for the highest form of spirituality, we’re really searching for our essence. And Paul is saying that the answer is not found in anything we say, or think, or do, but in who we are.

Make it Personal

  • Are there virtues or traits that you, or your family, or you church seem to elevate to above love?

  • How does our apologetic change when love is the highest virtue and guiding principle?

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