What Question to ask

I’m going on a golf trip with 4 other guys. I’m friends with all of them and have been for yrs. I’m probing for a question to ask them, in light of the current world, election, etc. that might open up a spiritual conversation. Any help?


Hi Mike,
sounds like it will be a fun trip.

In the RZIM core module, and elsewhere Ravi has asked 4 basic questions that make up a worldview.

Perhaps you could try to ask questions leading towards either the Morality or Meaning category.

For example; on a golfing trip with mates; one could ponder under the meaning category ‘Why do humans have a desire for good relationships with friends?’ (personally, I think this is a God given trait when he made us in his Image in Genesis).
‘What is it in us that causes so much anger, and division during an election cycle?’ (it’s easy to see the evil outside in the world and blame others, but what do we honestly do with the evil we can see within our own heart if we are honest with ourselves).

…and then perhaps if the above went well as a discussion point, then try and lead back to the Morality category (depending on what worldview your friends currently hold to);

If we are pursuing the good life, having fun, how do know what is the right way to do this?
What is intrinsically wrong with cheating to win (an election/golf game)?


I’m not sure if you have seen/heard it, but the Moral Argument for God’s Existence (and if we are really honest, our own knowledge of falling short of our own standards).

Here is a couple of short videos from Reasonable Faith on the Moral argument; in particular the second one is quite good, outlining why the atheist worldview cannot really answer the ‘how do we know right from wrong question’…

The Moral Argument presents the problem we all have (All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God); but we can’t fix ourselves; and it depends on whether people are ready to hear the Gospel, the Good news of what Christ has done.

I remember a post from a while back called the ‘Engel Scale’ for reaching friends for Christ. If you are able to sow some seeds and help move them on step forward on this scale towards exploring who Jesus Christ is and what He Has done that would be wonderful.

Just a few thoughts; hopefully helpful. Have a great trip with your friends, sounds like fun. :slight_smile:


Good answer from Matthew, i would just add that you keep an open mind, you never really know what issue will specifically lead to a spiritual conversation. Current world issues and election are both good topics. they might lead to a discussions on justice, evil and suffering. my suggestion is that you continue to prayerfully ask probing questions , to use Greg koukl 's line ‘never make a statement at first, when a question will do the job’.if the conversation shifts to evil you can ask your friends if they believe the world is evil? if so, why is there so much evil in the world? , Are You Good at Forgiving People ? etc.

As Matthew mentioned some of the questions will depend on your friends belief systems/ worldviews.

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Excellent- thank you!