What Questions Brought You to Faith in God?

The ways in which God pursues people are amazing in their similarities, but also in their uniqueness. Only in hindsight can many see the lengths God went to in order to reach them, and the questions that had to be answered before faith in God seemed a reasonable thing. This week, Jo and Vince talk about the questions they themselves asked that led to their personal faith in God.


It’s hard to think of specific questions that I had at the time before I became a Christian, it was more a conversation that I had with a friend at the time. I just remember that some friends were wanting me to make a decision to follow Jesus and were watching and waiting for me on the sidelines so to speak, and one of those friends was so excited that I was “nearly there”, that we were over at his place for hours just combing through the bible and talking about who Jesus was, what was happening in the stories we looked at, and he made it sound really interesting. I just remember his excitement, and how I felt after the conversations. Lots more to this story, but looking back, I can see where God’s hand was working in my life. I didn’t know it was Him at the time, but it’s obvious to me now. The lengths God goes to, to draw us to Him is astounding. Thank you Vince & Jo for your testimonies. Jo, I can relate to your story about feeling the presence of God after making that commitment to Jesus. It lasted for days.

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