What’s The Greatest Story You’ve Ever Heard?

(Vince Vitale) #1

Hi friends,

The next major event at the Zacharias Event is taking place on June 1st! Called The Greatest Story Ever Told, we are going to weave together arts and apologetics. What does it mean that the gospel is a story?

As our team prepares for this event, we’d like to hear from you! What’s the greatest story you’ve ever heard? In particular, what stories from your culture have helped you better understand the gospel story?

In advance, thanks for sharing! We hope to see you at the event – or connect with you via Q&A and the RZIM Connect community if you’re on the live stream!


(Brad Hubbard) #2

While not the greatest story I have ever been told, I think of the recent movie “The Greatest Showman” wherein PT Barnum (played by Hugh Jackman) wanted to show his community something unique and spectacular that had either been casually overlooked, intentionally ignored, or overtly oppressed. In so doing he addresses issues of opportunism, classicism and racism not only among those in his affluent community, but also in himself.

While not central to the “greatest story ever told” it might be a recent example from the arts to help illustrate a point or the power of a good story well told!

(Hannah Kelly) #3

SPOILER ALERTS (don’t read if you don’t want the Sixth Sense/The Illusionist spoiled)

This is an interesting question…

I enjoy stories where you aren’t expecting the ending. For instance, when I watched “The Sixth Sense,” I really didn’t know until the very end that Bruce Willis was dead. And it was neat how it went back through the scenes and you could then connect the dots, seeing how even though he was there in scenes, the people around him didn’t know he was there…so cool.

Another story like that is the story of The Illusionist where up until the end you think the protagonist’s lover is dead, but at the end you get to see how it was all an illusion and the light bulb goes on in your head. I love that when what’s really going on is hidden and you’re trying to figure it out, and then BOOM! at the end, it all comes together and you’re able to look back and see how it all connects/makes sense.

It gives me a sense of wonder and admiration for whoever orchestrated the story and was able to put together a compelling narrative while keeping the “real” story/meaning hidden until the end. And you go “Ohhhhhhhh I get it!”


(Charles Hooper Jr) #4

Great movie with a strong gospel message. My wife and I want to watch it again and sing along!