What skills and knowledge should Christians have to be good witnesses to Muslims?

Hi @Abdu_Murray. Just curious what basic skills and knowledge do Christians need to have in order to be a good witness to Muslims?


Hi Omar,

Thanks for the question and desire to see Muslims introduced to Jesus!

First and foremost is a good working understanding of the key doctrines that Muslims often find to be stumbling blocks and/or points of attack, like the Trinity, incarnation, cross, and reliability of the scriptures. That’s why I specifically wrote chapters on each issue in section 3 of my book, Grand Central Question.

Second, I think at least a basic understanding of the 5 pillars of Islam and the 6 fundamental beliefs is helpful (but not necessary). These really help you to see why Muslims believe and say the things they do. Often, we will end up surprising our Muslim friends if we know something of their religious beliefs. In fact, we might see that we know more than they do! Having that knowledge gives us extra credibility and tells the Muslim that we seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

Third, cultivate the skill of asking great questions of our Muslim friends. And finally, live that life of hope that Peter talks about so that what you believe matches how you live.

If you haven’t already done so, I’d encourage you to read Grand Central Question, Nabeel’s Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, and his No God But One. These should really get you on your way!

Above all - have genuine relationships with Muslims. Blessings!


Thank you so much @Abdu_Murray. This is very helpful. I’ll definitely share this with my friends to be sure that they’ll be ready to reach out to Muslims as well.