What supernatural manifestations of God, such as healing, stopped after the time of the Bible?

Hello! Jacob I am from Manipur, india
In my society among the tribal we have the problem and conflict of charismatic such as prophecy and Healing(even they have hospital for spiritual Healing). But I strongly believe that believe that bible alone is the complete revelation and I believe that supernatural does not exist anymore after the completion of bible… But I cannot able to convince them since they have been practicing and experience for a century
What will be the best method to approach them and deal with those issue in light of scripture

Hi Chuimatai,

Yes the Bible is the revelation of God. The Bible points us to the person of Jesus Christ who is the Word made flesh. But does that mean God has stopped acting in this world? The canon of scripture is complete and the full and final revelation already revealed to us, but this does not in any way mean that God does not continue to act in supernatural ways.
I understand when you say that many people use prophecy and healing in a manner that is not prescribed in the Bible. Especially the way it is abused in your part of the world. Because of which many people are led astray or have a wrong view of who the God of the Bible is. But just because people use it in a manner that is away from the scriptures does not mean that healings and other supernatural acts of God does not exist anymore. You will find many christians who will be able to testify to the amazing supernatural work of God in their lives and in their families life. God is still in the business of healing us and restoring us. The greatest healing is from our sin nature but physical healings are also part of his plan and should not be completely ignored.

Praying for you Chuimatai. Praying that God help you navigate through the situation in Manipur and be a light and a testimony for Him.