What was the best thing that you learned from the conference?

We really enjoyed the Global Conference. We invited 2 other families to participate in the conference as well.
There were so many things that were great. The best and most practical things that jumped out for me are the 6 points that Jo Vitale shared about improving our communication skills:

  1. Speak the language of the other person
  2. Learn to ask good questions
  3. Learn to be response ready
  4. Be Testimony ready
  5. Aim for the heart.
  6. Be Prayer ready.

Have a great Sunday and week ahead!




I agree there was SO much in that conference. It’s my first apologetic conference. I’d say one thing I learned was to prayerfully be patient when getting to heart of the question.


Being introduced to the truth that worship never disappoints! Speakers were great! I am going to rewatch the videos and take better notes. The Q & A sessions were also very encouraging.

This is my first apologetics conference. I have enrolled in the January 7 Core course, that’s how much I enjoyed the conference.

There were several books mentioned during the conference. I have one audible credit. If you had to choose just one, which book would you choose?