What was the dominant religion in India at the time the Apostle Thomas arrived there?

Jacob, may I ask a simple question, please?

If I am correct, Thomas was the apostle who went to India to establish Christianity there. What was the general religion in India in those days?

Thank you



Hi Mofokeng,
Thank you for your question. Yes it is true that the Apostle Thomas came to Kerala during the first century. The dominant religion at the time was Hinduism. Though they might not have called it that then. But the pantheistic and polytheistic worldview was very prevelant at that point in time as it is now.
The apostle Thomas is said to have done many miracles in south India. He established seven churches. But even though Christianity came to India through Thomas 2000 years back, the percentage of Christians in India is still just 2%. It has not had a significant impact in India like how it has made in several other nations. Many studies have attributed the fact that Christianity never engaged with the intellectuals and the high philosophy of Hinduism. This is where Apologetics is so crucial because it gives us the tools to dialogue with the worldview and the deeper philosophical assumptions.