What were some cultural challenges you experienced living in Dubai and SEA?

Hello @Jose_Philip, Interesting I grew up in Chennai and graduated from Loyola as well :slight_smile:

Would you mind sharing some of your experiences living out of Chennai particularly, some of the cultural challenges you had to face in Dubai and SEA.

Of course I would appreciate if you take some time to describe your church background in Chennai and how was it like for you to be a part of a Christian Community in Dubai and SEA as a believer grew up in Chennai?

You may very well choose to address both questions individually or separately.

Thank you! Glad you are here.

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Hi Moses,
Good to hear from a fellow ‘Loyolaite’ which year did you graduate, and which program did you do?

Growing up in Chennai, and in a Christian home was great - except for the summer, but that that prepared me for the Middle East -:slight_smile: On a more serious note, going to the Middle East helped me realise two things, which I had taken for granted. First that being a witness for Jesus was not an option, and second, the Church is, by Divine intent, meant to be the visible manifestation of Jesus Christ. This is what then motivated me to pursue being an evangelist.

Growing up in Chennai, and then living in the middle-east, and now in Singapore, I must say that there are cultural-linguistic-ethnic distinctions that run deep, but the privilege of being part of a body of believers, the challenge of being a follower of Christ in the midst of unbelief, and the responsibility to make our Lord known is the remains anywhere you go.

Every blessing,

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