What worldviews believe only God exists?

I was watching a clip of question and answer where a partner of Ravi lays out 3 categories of belief, and states that all religions fit into one of these three worldviews: 1. Only God exists 2. God and the Universe Exists ( Judaism, Christianity, Islam) 3. Only the universe exists ( atheism, naturalism,). I understand 2 and 3, but can anyone share what worldview believes only God exists? I’m trying to soak in the fundamental answers to common questions people ask. Thank you!


@kedick, I’m so glad you’re committing this to memory because it’s tremendously helpful! The worldviews that claim only God exists are mostly Eastern Religions. Several forms of Buddhism and Hinduism come to mind, but I’m not an expert in this area. Hopeful someone with more knowledge here can help us out. @SeanO are you more versed here than I am? If so, please enlighten us!


I’ve heard of four main world view categories which are

  • monotheism (Christianity, Islam, Judaism),
  • pantheism (nature is god, pagan religions worship of nature),
  • polytheism with many gods (hindu/Buddhism).
  • atheism

found this article and it appears there is one called ‘Panentheism’. Never heard of it before, but in the article the author seems to differentiate between pantheism (as an impersonal force) and ‘Panentheism’ (which is everything is god including your kitchen sink :slight_smile: sorry couldn’t resist, been reading too much of Andy Bannisters book ‘the atheist that didn’t exist’ ).


@kedick Not an expert, but presume that category (1) is pantheism. In pantheistic worldview, everything is divine, including you, and in some of them when you die you cease to have an individual identity and are absorbed back into the divine. Also, the pantheist’s god is generally more like the force in star wars—an impersonal force, than a personal Being as in Christianity.

pantheism: a doctrine which identifies God with the universe, or regards the universe as a manifestation of God.

The pantheist God is not a personal God, the kind of entity that could have beliefs, desires, intentions, or agency. Unlike the traditional God of theism, the pantheistic God does not have a will and cannot act in or upon the universe. These are the kind of things that only a person, or a person-like entity, could do. For the pantheist, God is the non-personal divinity that pervades all existence. It is the divine Unity of the world.


Thank you!

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Thank you for sending the 8 major worldviews .it was helpful and I did not know anything about pantheism. Appreciate your input!I


Thank you Sean, I was having trouble imagining a belief that everything and everyone is God, I’m glad to learn that this is honestly a worldview. Seems more I learn the easier it seems to offer the Truth to others

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@kedick That is true - the Lord bless you with more opportunities to share as you grow in the grace and knowledge of Him :slight_smile:

I think that the question answered well by previous commentators… @boabbott and @matthew.western | Its Hinduism… there are different philosophies in Hinduism that would subscribe to – only God exists… we are all part of that God… Patheism [I am no expert but Deepak Chopra talks like a pantheist]

Correct me if I am wrong but Buddhism is an atheistic religion! There are different forms but at its core – its atheistic

God Bless!!


Thank you HershPuri, I will look more into Hinduism. From what I understand Buddhism would be atheism. We are so weak and have so much to learn that I still find it hard to imagine thinking we are God!

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Also look into Shintoism. They don’t believe everything IS God, rather that everything has a God in it (called Kami). In your pencil, in a scene, in a mountain, a stream, etc. Even that people are Kami.

Not the same, but similar enough you might want to look into it.

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Thank you EvoFaith! I will look into that, so wonderful to learn from all of you!