What would be the best approach to talk to my friends concerning the sinfulness of homosexuality?

Hi @Sam_Allberry !

I’ve recently come across a conversation with my friends where a friend asked the rest of us whether we were for or against the LGBT movement. The rest (it was just one other person) was for it but I said I was against it. I did make a distinction that it didn’t mean I hated the people but rather the homosexuality itself. My friends gave their reason to be in support of the rights of LGBT community to have a relationship with one another or get married to one another. And, though not said, my mind races through all the other arguments the LGBT community or supporters have thrown out to Christians and, I realized that, I’m not that prepared to answer their arguments.

The only thing I could think of was going straight through the Bible and its commands concerning the topic. Though it’s not wrong, I was just wondering, according to you, what would be the best approach to talk to my friends concerning the sinfulness of homosexuality? And, when quoting the Scripture, what’s the best way to go about it? I fear that as soon as they hear that the Bible condemns homosexuality, they’ll just build a wall immediately. Is there a better way to present it that will make it more likely for them to hear it out?

Thank you in advance for answering! This is a relatively new topic for me because I live in Indonesia and this isn’t something that’s common but, recently, it has been rising especially among the new generations.


Dear Bryant,

Greetings to you in Indonesia! Lovely to have you as part of this online community.

These types of conversations are often difficult and complex. Thank you for being willing to engage your friends as an ambassador for Christ.

I think the best way to approach these topics is to start more generally. Rather than specifically zeroing in on the sinfulness of homosexuality, it can help to start by talking about how all of us are fallen and disordered in this area of life. That way, you friends won’t think you’re just singling out homosexual people (and by implication suggesting that you are superior). The teaching of Jesus on sex and marriage is deeply humbling for every single one of us. Start there. It is one of the entailments of Christ’s deity. We would expect God’s own words on human sexuality to challenge all of us, rather than just some of us. His vision for human sexuality is so much loftier than ours.

It might also be worth pointing out how the Bible repeatedly and so beautifully portrays God as the divine husband to his people. His commands on sexual ethics are therefore not just arbitrary rules he has dropped on us, but reflect that this part of human experience matters so deeply to him precisely because it is meant to be about him. Human sexuality is so precious (and should therefore be treated with utmost care) because it is meant to point to the deeper yearnings the soul has for God. Our romantic passions and longings are a picture of the affection God has for his people and the true satisfaction we are meant to find in him. If we only talk about the biblical prohibitions we miss this larger, positive vision of what human sexuality means.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: