When did God create Gravity

Hi Everyone!

I was asked this question “when did God create Gravity”

I was looking to hear people’s opinion on this.



Hey @Dannyd. Great question but it’s so specific. This makes me curious about the person that asked you the question. A believer or a non-believer.

To give you my 2 cent, whenever someone asks you a question, it’s always good to ask what their real question is. Because many times, the real question is deeper.

To answer the question, there is no where in the Bible where it talks specifically about gravity. But in Genesis, we are told God created the heavens and earth. That would be when he created gravity together.

But I am truly curious and looking forward to understand the context on how this question came about. Then we can address it better so it can actually be an answer that is life saving and not a mere intellectual conversation.

God Bless.

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Yes - @Danageze is right about God creating gravity when he created the heavens and the earth. Gravity is a property of matter. All matter has gravity. The more matter, the more gravity. The sun has more gravity than the earth, the earth than an asteroid.

But it does look like a question without a context. I too would be interested in hearing the story behind this.