When It Comes to Equality, Are All Worldviews Equal?

This week’s podcast discusses the tragic reality that no matter where you live in the world, so many people—both historically and to the present day—have been treated differently, and often appallingly, simply on account of the color of their skin.

What does the Christian faith have to say in response to the human problem of racial injustice, a problem that is both global in scope and deeply personal?

And how does the central teaching of Christianity compare to other worldviews—such as atheism, relativism, pluralism, and hedonism—when it comes to questions of equality and inequality?

Join us this week on Ask Away as Jo and Vince consider how Jesus Christ responds to the cry of protesters the world over, “No Justice, No Peace!”


Thanks so much for the podcast. This is indeed the major issue that is very much the center of the discussions in what is playing out on the streets worldwide today. I wish Vince and Jo had included more worldviews into this discussion, but it is simply wonderful how they have presented the truth of Christianity worldview. And, it also touched upon the worldview of current hot topic on equality.

I am especially encouraged by the summary at the end where Vince pointed out the importance of the balance of justice and forgiveness and the fact that Jesus has completed it all and achieved the peace at the cross. Here are some of the important points that were discussed. Vince answered three major questions that related to the topic.

How can there be forgiveness if justice is not served?

Who has the right to grant forgiveness but the victims?

What should Christians do and respond to the current situation?

I do encourage everyone to listen to the podcast that so eloquently explained all the issues. Make sure you listen all the way to the very end. It helped me a great deal and I trust that it will also help you. Indeed only Christ is the answer, only Christianity addressed the issue. Thanks.

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@eymyao, are there any specific worldviews you wish they had included? I agree this podcast beautifully presented the Christian worldview, but there wasn’t time to dig into the topic as deeply as many of us would like to. The fun part about Connect is that we can pick up where the podcast left off.

Totally understand. The podcast is only 32 minutes which is impossible to cover all various worldview. In fact, in the academy course, it took several lectures to just introduce the worldviews of some major religions. I am just wondering for those who have not had the chance to take the course might be interested in more details of comparison.
Again, wonderful podcast and very timely with the current culture.

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