When Nothing Seems to Satisfy Our Longings

“Is it possible that we’ve been trying one thing and then another, one fix and then another, and it always falls short? There are moments, glimpses, when we feel the whole system is flawed, but we numb ourselves to that so quickly, and we latch onto the next hope, the next promise.” Do you resonate with this today? Today on Take Five, Tanya Walker invites us to see ourselves more clearly, and enter into the discovery of a life that truly satisfies.

We’re invited, on seeing ourselves, and our need more clearly, on apprehending God, to turn our hearts to Him, and find in Him healing, really a word intended to designate life, well-being, wholeness.

For, of course, we can put ourselves into a self-induced spiritual coma, anesthetize any sense of pain, or need, or guilt, or powerlessness; the gift of seeing is the gift of awakening to reality.

We seem to continue to grab hold of a whole host of things that appear to be life, but are not fully life. Good things, even, that nevertheless crumble under the weight of being made ultimate things.

Make it Personal

  • What are some of the good things that you have pursued but that have crumbled as you realized you were making them into ultimate things?

  • If “the gift of seeing is the gift of awakening to reality,” then how can we help our non-believing friends to see?


’ Take hold of life that is truly Life’ These words struck a deep chord in my heart… they are profound.

Before I make my comments I would like to say that I am grateful for this video for through it I became a member of this community.

These are my thoughts on the topic:

The words by Paul really speak life to my heart.

I struggle understanding why people don’t realise that their efforts, pleasures and all that’s of them is futile. I don’t know how they hold on to that which is not true or lasting.

Yet I wonder,
Why do I experience the emptiness and awful void when I get caught up in my own strivings and it seems others don’t have the same experience?
Why do I feel deadness in a sermon because, maybe, there is so little they say about Jesus and yet when I try explaining to others it seems strange and unrelatable to them? From which well do they draw from and don’t they realise there is something amiss or doesn’t add up?

This further leads me to wonder why a sermon that impacted my life so profoundly doesn’t spark the same fire in others (though, not all)?

These questions prompt me to think that to have ‘eyes that see’, to realise emptiness and a need for help, one needs divine intervention. It, simply, takes the Hand of God.
Also, I think that people are caught in these lies and struggles because the lies are easily bred by friends, popular culture etc. It becomes a vicious cycle of lie after lie, want after want, striving followed by another.
This, then, causes people to have a perspective/ belief that is wrong/fallen and yet so ingrained. With time it seems the truth and the only truth to them.

Finally, I think our approach to solve this issue is wrong. When I think about how the words of Paul impacted me it was not in a vacuum(it was not just a random verse about something that I was completely ignorant of),but a foundation of faith and abounding in God’s word made possible the revelation from those words. (I hope you relate)

This is also true for ‘having eyes that don’t see’. Allow me to say that those who don’t see don’t realise that they have eyes in the first place and that is the root of the issue.

So, let us maybe try to deal with the root of our longings and strivings.

Our constant pursuit for those things that don’t last is a symptom of a greater illness. According to many preachers, the root/ the illness is condemnation and we don’t realise it because it is subtle but it is condemnation. Even we Christians struggle with this.

So how do we solve for condemnation? How do we help our non-believing friends? It is by believing and speaking that we have been made righteous by The finished work of Christ on the cross. Thus, we rest knowing all has been paid for and all that is good and abundant is ours.

Resting and constantly reminding ourselves of the finished work of Christ!


I tell you we are to go to all that do not see
but also the Holy Spirit has prepared in the hearts of unbelievers that they may see. We do not know who the Holy Spirit has prepared but as we go to all the Holy Spirit will prepare those that see. From personal experience I did not come
To Christ. I saw no reason I had no reason
I did not come to any reason I could not reason for I had no reason to reason. If left to my own means I would be left in hell and still be reasoning.
Christ came to me I did not seek him he sought me.
I have read a book by John Owen on the operations and ministrations of the Holy Spirit. The title is The Holy Spirit his gifts and power. I will tell you that all the Gospel is from the power of the Holy Spirit
and all people who the Holy Spirit inspires will come to Christ and the Holy Spirit will give them the faith to do so. It is totally an act of God. But I am confused as you for I do not know where we stop presenting the Gospel and where the Holy Spirit takes over for the regeneration process. But I just keep presenting the Gospel to all I see and let the Spirit do whatever he chooses so far it works some come to know Christ because Christ came to them others think that they do not want to consider this matter others tell me what is the matter with me for presenting the Gospel to them. Bottom line it matters to Jesus that is all that matters. This book by John Owen tells us why people can not see with there eyes and why they are blind. But we must still present the Gospel because there eyes might be made aware at another time. But again if you are real interested in the how and why and when read the book otherwise it does not matter it really is of secondary issue it happens so let us continue I think people who present the Gospel forget that they are talking with people who were at one time were like them. I will never judge anyone for being a sinner I am so gratefully that when I was a sinner that God came to me and I know God will come to all but not all will receive. I am not a Calvinist or an Arminian
I am just a follower of Christ Jesus our lord and savior. I have had this desire ever since Christ Jesus came into my life. He runs my life and I run behind him and a lot of things are happening
both good and bad. Such is life but I desire for all to experience eternal life for we are not followers of Christ if we have no desire for others to follow Christ

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I have definitely tried to make some good things like academics, creative pursuits/music, and even relationships into ultimate things.
While these are all good things and deserve a place in life, they can not hold up to the pressure of being what fulfills me, saves me, or bring me purpose.
I think talking about this with friends can help them see clearer that what they built their life on is not strong enough. It cannot withstand under the pressure of building a life on top of it.
Asking questions about fulfillment and people’s real experiences can open up conversations about a God who never changes and who satisfies our deepest longings.