When you start to reply to a post but realize you're going off in a new direction

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

You know how sometimes you start to reply to a post, but then you realize you are taking the conversation in an entirely different direction? What to do?

Now you can KEEP your message but START a new topic!

Once you’ve started to write your message, you’ll see a little arrow (highlighted with a red box in the above screenshot). Click on that arrow and you’ll see two options: to reply as a linked topic (this will start a new topic that is linked to in the old topic) or to send a private message.

It is a cool feature! Keep it in mind as you reply to posts. If you’re staying on topic, reply in that conversation. If the conversation has led you to consider a new question or idea, reply by creating a new topic.


P.S. Another way to do this is explained here: