Where can I find a summary of the basic Christian beliefs - along with the criticisms?

Hopefully this is the right forum for my question.

I’ve been sharing my faith to family/friends when the right opportunity arises but it has been difficult because they sometimes ask difficult questions I’m not always prepared to answer. In order to prepare, I have been reading a few Apologetics books. The problem is – they are long and detailed. The books are extremely informative, but is there a summary somewhere of the key Christian beliefs, along with the criticisms/difficult questions, with effective answers to them?

I could keep this type of summary with me to refer to when I get an unexpected opportunity to share my faith with non-believers.

Thank you!


@Deliamj Great question :slight_smile: These two books seem fairly to the point and cover a pretty wide array of both philosophical and Bible questions.


Thank you!

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@Deliamj Indeed - hope it helps :slight_smile: