Where can I find Daniel Rangel's talks?

Good day Daniel, where may one listen to your talks which are listed above? I would really be interested in the top three on the list?

Hi Bill, thanks for being interested in my talks. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of my material recorded. Some of my talks are floating around on the internet but I don’t believe any of those three.

But, as far as Conversational Apologetics goes, Michael Ramsden really is the creator behind that talk and it’s become foundational to the ministry as a whole. It explains the core vision of RZIM. You can find his original talk on this here:

I can point you to another resource I used for the Gospel and the Self talk. Tim Keller has a talk titled “Gospel and YOUR Self”. He takes it in a bit of a different direction than I do but nonetheless, incredibly helpful and interesting. I hope you enjoy it. You can find his talk here:

God bless you Bill!