Where did Jesus live in his youth?

Hi Chuimatai, This is one of the common questions that I get from Internet unbelievers and we can defend this claim in many ways.

There are places where the scripture gives hints that Jesus lived and brought up in Nazareth but he lived in obscurity. Also it is logically impossible to travel to India and come back keeping in mind the mode of transportation available.

None of sadducees and pharisees ever raised a question about his travel to India or out of Nazareth as they always wanted to find faults in Jesus. So, no one mentioned and also Jesus language or philosophy didn’t change or doesn’t display any of the culture of the east.

Also none of the people close to him ever talked about Jesus travelling to India or out of Nazareth .

Please read for some more information; We can defend this misinformation.

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# Did Jesus ever travel to India?


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Hi @Chuimatai

As in Luke 2, Jesus was most probably in Nazareth, Galilee, during His youth. Accustoming Himself to the ways of the Jews and the word of God. He keeps growing in wisdom, and was found in the synagogue at age of 12, amazing all the Jews with his wisdom. And He probably continued in His education until He was ready to launch Himself into ministry.

This article might give an educated insight into what Jesus was probably up to in His unrecorded youth.


It makes total sense for a Rabbi who grew up in the religious Galilee region.

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