Where do we start? When we say "sharing the Gospel"

Hi everyone, i feel I am ready to take that next step in faith and go out to minister to people. When I hear other Evangelists say they are sharing the Gospel with others, where do we start. How do we have brevity and not step over all of these thoughts in our head? How do we share the message of Jesus Christ without trying to sum up the whole Bible? How do we get our beautiful message across if we only have 20-30 minutes? Or if we have an hour? I hope by now you see where I am going with this question.


@kkruppe I think the Engel Scale is a great place to start because before we can share the Gospel we need to understand where the other person is on their journey toward Jesus. Even if we are speaking to an audience, it is helpful to know at what stage in their journey people in the audience might be - are they antagonistic to Christ or lifelong Church goers who simply never surrendered? It makes a huge difference in the way we approach them.

Regarding what to say, I think there are a few things that can be helpful in being prepared:

  1. Have a 1 minute, 5 minute and 15 minute version of your personal testimony to share with other people
  2. Try to understand where your coworkers / unsaved family and friends are on the Engel Scale
  3. Make a plan for how you can help your friends / family / coworkers make one step forward on the Engel scale - that does not necessarily mean sharing Jesus. It could just mean being a good witness through your actions to overcome an indifferent or hostile attitude towards Christianity. Maybe if they are spiritually curious it’s sharing some basic information about the Gospel. Or maybe they are on the edge of accepting Jesus and it’s time to invite them to an evangelistic service or to offer to pray with them. It all depends on where they are at and how the Holy Spirit leads.

I really like Os Guiness’ book because he explains the ‘anatomy of belief’ - why people come to believe and how we can persuasively help them on that journey. I also think Francis Chan’s testimony is a good example of a fairly brief Gospel message.

Christ grant you wisdom :slight_smile:



@SeanO thank you for that. Honestly I have never heard of the Engel scale. Your response was a big help for me to get prepared in going out and ministering. I will take that advice of it being baby steps depending on where the person is at.


@kkruppe Glad it was helpful and may the Lord Jesus open doors for you to share your faith each day as you seek His face.

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I cannot recall hearing about this, either. Thank you. My style of arguing is one where I generally take no prisoners which is not very effective. This is helpful. I purchased Fool’s Talk.

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