Where Should our Beliefs/convictions primarily be coming from

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So, I’m doing a study on how culture and traditions affect what we believe, and even how they can affect how we interpret the Bible. My question here is: Where should we primarily be getting our beliefs/convictions from? If culture and tradition affect our interpretations so much, is it possible to have an accurate interpretation of Scripture?
Thanks in advance for your help!

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This is a question that I believe will domain biblical discussion for the next 40 years just as attention to the language of the biblical writers has been the center piece of biblical discussion for the last 40 years of my life. Note the is a pew view not to be confused with a scholarly view. I still remember the sermon that turned on the lights for me that a plain reading of the text in English would not bring over the full meaning of the text in Greek (John 21:15-18). Love, three times in English and three different meaning in Greek. Until then the plain reading was sufficient to save but lacked the sufficiency to fully understand the meaning of the text as it was written, a light bulb moment. So, with a Strong’s under my arm I set out to better educate myself to what was being written.

Fast forward to today and I will tell you that the Bible was written for you but not to you. The example used to illustrate this point is reading someone else’s mail, you can read it, but you have no idea of the context (another lightbulb moment).

Here are a few authors and resources that helped me in my journey, perhaps they will help you.

This website was a bit of any eye opener as it relate to the here and now of a 21th century world. For me it was shocking to find out that I was in a minority, not in population, but in grasping the fundamental message of the Gospel the idea of guilt versus shame

Here is another book that I found helpful along these lines.

And this one, very good book on cultural context today.

For a look at context in the 1st century church both from a secular and a 2nd Temple Jewish perspective as well as the birth of most of the theology that we hold need and dear today. try this one a big read but it will certainly be illuminating.

A look at Jesus.

This one will looks back to pre-Hebrew and how the culture informed the OT. Interesting book.

This is my current study.

And the best for last.

I hope that God will bless your studies.

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Here is my best answer

We live in a fallen world because of sin. Sin is a reality everyone must face. Jesus Christ was the perfect sacrifice for our sins and only through him can we be made right with God the Father. Since Adam and Eve sinned, we’re all corrupted. This means we can’t always trust our instincts about what’s right and wrong. Instead we need an independent moral rudder - God’s Word.

All the problems mankind faces, and the solutions to those problems can be found in The Bible. The Bible is historically accurate, if you round it up, Historians say it’s 100% accurate and reliable. Written by over 40 authors, over 1500 years, all inspired by the Holy Spirit. A direct revelation from the creator of the universe himself. That makes The Bible the most important book on the face of the Earth and it has stood the test of time. Therefore, we can trust what it says and we should look to it to help us decide what’s right and what is wrong and that is how we shape our convictions.

God bless you in your pursuit of truth!

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Thanks for replying to the question! Definitely some things to consider in this study!

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Thanks for replying and for sharing the link. I will have to look at that!

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Thanks Jimmy! Some of the links you shared are very helpful!

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I f you have any other questions or thoughts on any of the subjects start a thread and let the community add their thoughts. I glad you found them helpful.

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@simonkinsinger just one more thought: distinction between conviction and condemnation. The former is from God, the latter is from Satan. I’m still learning how to differentiate them. Others might be much better with that :slight_smile: but I find it quite challenging sometimes.

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