Where to start when a person states they don’t understand?

There is a student in our Youth Ministry that has been coming for 2 years. Until this summer he labeled himself as a skeptic. At camp this summer he went forward and accepted Christ. There was much rejoicing!!!

Last night he contacted me and told me he is struggling with his faith and that he simply doesn’t understand it.

When I probed for more information on specifics of what he isn’t understanding he had no information for me.

He has some learning issues but is highly intelligent. Any thoughts on where to start with someone like this would be helpful.

2 yrs ago I started with Frank Tureks “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist” class to work through his questions.

I’m simply at a loss on where to start now.

Prayers are most welcome as well


Sometimes its better to go back to the basics. I would take him back to the 4 gospels starting with John and talk about Jesus. I’m not sure what he’s missing but its always better to build the foundation when you don’t know where to start.

Some questions you could ask him is who is Jesus, why did he come, and what is the resurrection.

God Bless :slight_smile:


Good morning John, I pray that all is well and that the spirit of our Lord has directed you into engaging with this young man.

For me my approaches have always
started to pray specific and end with prayer specifically for the Lord 1st to intercede in the life of the other person and in parallel provide you the specifics according to his word on what to speak. For the most part I always go to the Book of John and do what I call a 21-day challenge. Meaning one chapter a day reading together with the other person. Ask of him to read the chapter before the meeting and to take note of what he understands or doesn’t understand and go from there. It’s difficult when the playing field it’s not the same, is why I always try to lay a foundation of the Gospel through John. I pray that the Lord would continue to provide you the tools that are needed for the day. Always in His love first, Mark Lopez.


@John.Wright, not sure if this is helpful.
There is times when I struggle with my faith and don’t understand.
When this happens I ask the Lord to show me in his word to help my understanding.
He seems to always be faithful and shows me through scripture so that I do understand.
I am wondering if Satan in attacking him. He says he is struggling with his faith. What better way to attach a new Christian then to have them question their faith.
For me personally I pray the protection of the Lord over my life and my mind. That all thoughts that are not from the Lord be removed. Praying for a hedge of protection around me.
The struggles seem to not be there any more.
I pray that the Lord grant you the wisdom and the knowledge to speak into this persons life. As well as to show you what to specifically pray about for this person.
I have found that the Lord will show you if you ask and seek him.


Thank you all for your responses. I spoke with our student last night.

We serve a big God people I read your responses this afternoon but the approaches you have laid out is what the Holy Spirit directed me to do.

Primary hurdle for our new Christian brother has been he has a reading issue and has tried to read but everything gets jumbled on the page, secondly his auditory attention span is extremely limited and his desire to learn as much as he can he was trying to listen to hours of the Bible being read and it confused him.

So long discussion last night ended with a commitment from him to listen to a single chapter of John each day. Write any questions down and then we will meet. My belief is that it wasn’t a crisis of faith he simply has questions we have all wrestled with and needed a way to get answers


@John.Wright That’s great to hear. Also if he likes to watch things that keep his attention I would suggest him watching videos of the Bible project. They use animated videos to explain things of the bible, they are really good. Here is their channel if you haven’t seen them before. He might be able to watch the series on John or watch the videos on Jesus.


Hello John,

First, please allow me to thank you for working in youth ministry. It can be mentally and emotionally taxing and feel thankless for many years.
Our youth today, need dedicated men and women of integrity to speak :speaking_head: into their lives and take the time to hear their story. Jesus took the time to talk to people, but just as important, the Son of God took the time to listen to their individual stories, their pain, confusion, heartache, suffering.

I concur with the suggestions about starting in the Gospel of John, but if I may, I would like to offer a resource I have found quite helpful and simplistic in approach. “The Word one to one,” is a group of small books covering the entire book of John in an easy to read and understand formate. It was developed by Richard Borgonon and William Taylor and can be purchased online. Start with the yellow book one.
“It is Johns Gospel, with notes, along side it, verse by verse.” ~ Richard Borgonon

This site shows the layout of the books :open_book: ~ https://www.theword121.com/tbn-episodes-1

I pray this will give you more tools to successfully share Gods amazing story to us!


Hi @John.Wright,

I just wanted to commend you for your careful and persistent listening to your student. There is so much wisdom in this. It is far too easy for us to listen only a little, rush into a hasty diagnosis, and go forward prescriptively. (And don’t we all hate it when people do that to us?)

Instead, what I hear is that you’ve listened to your student, listened to others’ experience, taken it all back to the Lord and listened to his Spirit, and gone to listen again to this young man. This is really a humble and beautiful way of loving someone, seeking genuine understanding before presuming to guide them. Well done, John.

May the Lord continue to guide and empower you as you participate in his ministry to the youth in your congregation. And may he powerfully reveal himself to this young man as your journey together.


The Bible Project is an excellent resource. Thank you for sharing this, @Luna!

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