Which books have influenced you the most?

Hello Cameron! Love both of your podcasts!

Which books you have read (besides the Bible) have influenced you the most?

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Fiction: 1) Oedipus Rex 2) The Pilgrim’s Progress 3) The Divine Comedy 4) The Brothers Karamazov 5) Lolita 6) Blood Meridian 7) Gilead 8) Infinite Jest 9) Moby Dick 10) As I Lay Dying

Non-Fiction: 1) The Confessions 2) Calvin’s Institutes 3) The Myth of Sisyphus 4) The Mirror and the Lamp 5) The Westminster Confession of Faith 6) Forbidden Knowledge: From Prometheus to Pornography 7) The Structure of Scientific Revolutions 8) A Theology of Reading 9) The Religious Affections 10) The Varieties of Religious Experience