Which is which? - Pluralism in denominations in Judeo-Christian worldview

(Auron Wee C. Villegas) #1

In this pluralistic society, how should I respond to the pluralism of denominations in Judeo-Christian Worldview?
To what extent differences should matter?
Thank you for your answers :hugs:

(Andrew Bulin) #2

Hey @Auron,

@SeanO has actually made a few posts on these topics that are frequently referenced.

I would be curious if you had some personal experiences or circumstances to share that you recently thought about or faced, and how you perceived it (right or wrong). I also personally find it interesting when I stumble on the cultural aspects that are influencing a person’s faith-walk that are different from my own, which gives me a chance to sort out the negotiable (worship style for example) with the non-negotiable (Christ alone as Savior for example) characteristics of my faith.

(Auron Wee C. Villegas) #3

Ohh wow. Thank you for this.
My current struggle is in which church should i go. I am currently staying with UCCP or United Church if Christ in the Philippines. This church doesn’t focus on evangelism and discipleship which are my likes. This deno is based on traditional worship which i lile but no more than evangelical. It is a protestant church.
I am confused to go to baptist or stay. @andrew.bulin

(Andrew Bulin) #4

Ah. I see. That makes sense as your fellowship community does need to jive with you so you can walk as faithful disciples together. I wonder if one of those was close enough and maybe you are the future evangelistic component they’ve been needing… :wink:

No pressure of course, but I’m praying for His guidance in your decision.

(Auron Wee C. Villegas) #5

Yep @andrew.bulin i see that as a possibility but, really, i need prayers for decision making. Thank you🙏

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