Which resources or organizations use plain language to communicate the gospel?

(Stephen Lee) #1

Hi everyone,
Anyone have any resources or organizations as evangelists who focus on using plain language not chrisitian jargons to communicate gospel messages to audiences. Jordan Peterson is the only person, although he is not completely a Christian but relaying biblical messages to non believers are displaying to be very effective and well received. Please share your resources or ideas, love to hear from you.

(Melvin Greene) #2

Hi @Steve. You might try looking into Ray Comfort. He seems to focus on street evangelism. He has some videos where he talks to people on the street. I think he’s plain spoken and doesn’t use a lot of “Christian jargon”.

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @Steve,

I would encourage you to check out RZIM’s small group curriculum called Everyday Questions: http://everydayquestions.org

We are seeing entire churches adopt this material to prepare their members for respectful, gracious, and trust-building conversations with the people they know and love the most. It is written in very accessible, relatable language.

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi Melvin, I know many people have found Ray Comfort to be a helpful resource. I hear his voice on the Christian radio station from time to time. However, I question some of his methods.

For instance, his website offers tracts for sale, including fake dollar bills that are gospel tracts. It seems there is a bit of a clash between misleading people about finding money so that you can communicate the truth about the gospel. Also, as I have watched some of his videos, there appears to be a confrontational approach to conversations. I understand the value of speaking the truth and being honest, and not fearing man, but it sometimes seems to me that people are unnecessarily accosted in these encounters.

For those reasons, I generally recommend other sources who are consistently respectful and avoid even potentially deceptive techniques.

(Melvin Greene) #5

Hi Carson,
I understand where you’re coming from. I probably should have taken a bit more time to think of other resources. His name was the first one that came to me and I was a bit pressed for time.