Who did Cain marry?

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In the Bible I have noticed that God always brings about the natural, then the spiritual. I’ll explain:

 For instance, Abraham had two sons, Ishmael, then Isaac.  First the natural, then the spiritual.

Then there was Esau, then Jacob, natural then spiritual. And so on throughout the history of the bible. My question to Ravi is on the sixth day, God created men and women, plural. Later, He found no man to till His garden, which I take it to mean that none of the sixth day creation had developed a relationship with God even though they were in a perfect place. THEN, God created Adam, put him in the Garden with the nature of Eve inside him which later He separated to take care of His garden. So, even when Adam showed lack of Faith, God expelled him and Eve from the garden where the first tragedy occured with Cain, the natural and Abel, the spiritual. All this boils down to Faith but when Cain was banished and went off, he found women to marry!! Were these some of the sixth day people?


@BluesMan1kw Thank you for that question. I believe Cain married another offspring / descendant of Adam / Eve - please see following resources for details. The Lord Jesus bless your studies.


How much could a population of 100 increase in 1000 years?

I thought this was a very fun thread that discussed population increase. The below number is very ideal (as the person states if you go to the site) and makes many assumptions, but if you really think about even a few hundred years would be plenty of time for the population to be large enough for Cain to find a wife.

"So in theory, have your population increasing 20 fold (assuming monogamy) every generation, lets take an average of about 30 years between each generation (realistically it would be spread over a 40 year period). So we have 1000 years (TT), a generation every 30 (tgtg). Giving us 100030=33+13100030=33+13generations. We start with 100 people (P0P0), multiply this by 20 (dPdgdPdg) every generation:


So when you say offspring you mean like a sister or relative?


@Rafael15 Yes, below is the explanation as to why that may have been allowed in the very early days of civilization from the equip.org article.

“Furthermore, because genetic imperfections accumulated gradually over time, there was no prohibition against incest in the earliest stages of human civilization. The Levitical law against incestuous relationships was given by God hundreds of years after Cain at the time of Moses. Thus familial relationships were preserved and birth defects were prevented (Leviticus 18:6, 9).”

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@BluesMan1kw, @Rafael15. Though @SeanO’s summarization of Cain’s wife may seem somewhat ooggie. (my word :slight_smile: ) It is logical and true. Even if people choose to believe we came from primordial soup, when we began to marry we married a relative. And though we now follow guidelines of marriage by way of Levitical law, we are still, all from the same family. Perhaps if people bore in mind, how you treat your mate is in fact, how you treat your sister or brother though 100 times removed. We like to say we are all the same, we just have a problem living it out.


I understand what you are saying BUT if God made man singular, why did He say “male and female created He them”? THEN in Genesis 2:5 God stated “…there was not a man to till the ground.” To me I say again, this means that none of His first creation (natural) developed a relationship with Him so He had to create ‘another’ man (spiritual) and put him in a ‘garden’ to develop this relationship for His ‘kingly line’ for Jesus to come from eventually and in His infinite wisdom He did this even though, knowing he would fail as others He chose throughout biblical history. Deut. 22:27 states " Cursed be anyone who lies with his sister, whether the daughter of his father or the daughter of his mother.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amen.’ So if God gave Moses these instructions and He is the same yesterday, today and for ever, it would seem logical that ‘incest’ would not be tolerated EVER because God does NOT change in His perfection. Then in the NT He gave Paul the scripture Hebrews 13:8 which states, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.” I’m not trying to be resistant to teaching it’s just that if this passage is true, according to Deuteronomy, God would not have allowed incest at ANY time regardless of what we think today!! Also, Satan has manipulated MANY things over millenia such as water baptism and other rituals and laws which humanity has eventually allowed and taught as ‘gospel’ and practiced today which through study we are finding it to be so and trying to reverse, why not this one?!! Truly we do not know how long man has been on this Earth because God gave us NO time frame from the first creation of how long it lasted or how long Adam was in the Garden of Eden until God put him out onto the Earth and then cursed the Earth. It could have been 1000 years or more. But I believe that no woman would have traveled with Cain in his immediate area nor married him knowing what he had done and then being marked by God for banishment. I believe he married one of the first creation women who did not know God. What are your thoughts Ravi.

I would really like Ravi to see this and give me his personal thoughts and explanation. I trust his knowledge and his blessed mind. Please ask him to review this and comment. I believe I will know the difference. And please, not just some generic answer. Scripture with explanation will be necessary.

Thank you.

Pastor Alan Wilson

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@BluesMan1kw I appreciate those thoughts. Unfortunately I do not have the ability to talk with Ravi directly either, so I would suppose you would need to attend an RZIM speaking event Q&A to ask this question directly. I agree it would be very interesting to hear Ravi’s explanation.

Genesis 1 and 2

Genesis 1 and 2 are a retelling of the creation story from different perspectives. The idea that there is a contradiction between ‘male and female He created them’ and ‘there was no man to till the ground’ is due to a misunderstanding that these narratives are telling the same story from a different perspective. Genesis 1 tells the story zoomed out - showing us the big picture. Genesis 2 zooms in on the Garden and on mankind to tell us God’s purpose for humanity.

" Furthermore, even a cursory reading of Genesis 1 and 2 should be enough to discern that the author has a different purpose in one than in the other. Chapter 1 presents a three-level hierarchy of God’s creative prowess, memorably associated with days of the week. In contrast, chapter 2 focuses on the crowning jewels of God’s creation—man and woman—who are designed to be in right relationship with both creation and the Creator."


Cain’s Marriage

The law in Deuteronomy did not exist until the time of Moses. Simply because God changes allowed behavior does not mean that He Himself has changed - especially if there is a valid reason, such as genetic decay, for making such a change. There may be another explanation, but I am not personally aware of one.