Who do you recommend following on Twitter to stay informed in the area of apologetics?

Hi Mark,

What a privilege to be taught by you in the early days of my evangelism training. Thank you!

Now, Twitter is my go to source of evangelism and apologetics information. It drives the books, articles, blogs I read and the YouTube videos. So besides you, Lee Strobel, Ravi Zacharias and Sean McDowell of course, who would be in your daily, can’t miss list of Tweeters?



Hi Rick! Always love hearing from someone on the old Frontline Team in Chicago (do you, like me, ever daydream about getting the band back together?!).

Here are a few others Twitter people I’d follow (in addition to those you mentioned):


@RFUpdates (William Lane Craig – you were there at the classic WCCC debate, right Rick?)

@Apologetics315 (it’s been restarted)





@Acts17 (David can be edgy, but I’ve learned a lot from him … as did Nabeel Qureshi!)



(to be continued – it’ll only let me mention ten users on one response)


Here’s part 2 of my answer to Rick Rump:

@Natasha_Crain (focuses on parents/kids apologetics – more needed than ever!)

@alisachilders (newer to the field, but doing great work!)






My apologies to those apologists I’ve overlooked … this is off the top of my head!)

(I guess I should add these two as well: @MarkMittelberg @MattMittelberg : )