Who is Jesus?

Abdu explores just how countercultural Jesus really was and still is today and why we can’t be the solution if we are the problem.

A lot of religious traditions are superficially similar but they’re fundamentally different.

Do you see what everyone’s saying? They’re saying that you can be the solution to your own problem, that you can save you. Jesus doesn’t say any of these things. In fact, he says quite the opposite. He says that we are the problem and therefore we can’t be the solution.

He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to hear.

Jesus doesn’t just tell you what you need to hear he does what you need him to do.

Make it personal:

  • How does it bring freedom to accept that we are the problem and therefore we can’t be the solution?

  • Are there ways you are “robbing Jesus with a kiss”?

Hi Carson

The freedom it brings to my life is knowing that it is not by my own works that I am saved or made right before God. I am saved by His free gift of grace through faith. Because I am the problem it also means that my salvation could never come through my good works. It doesn’t matter how many orphans I rescue or how many poor I feed, nothing I do can earn His free gift, otherwise it wouldn’t be free. To me this means I can rest secured in the goodness of God which is displayed through the Cross of Christ. He takes my burden, imparts His righteousness, which in turn sets me free.

Ways I rob Jesus with a kiss, would be thinking that all of a sudden by my good works I will somehow make Him love me more, or maybe He will listen more deeply to my prayers. I think I can try to rebuild a system of law which tries to manipulate God’s grace. In doing this I can see it is just me trying to exploit God for favor when His favor is free by the fact that I am born-again in Christ. I am not loved because of my goodness, but because of His.

I would be really interested to know others thoughts on these questions :smiley:?


I agree with you, Brian, it’s really releasing to just accept I can’t do anything to solve my own problems! Instead of striving and failing, I can just allow Jesus to take the burden. It’s also helpful to realise that deep down, I am the problem so that I don’t continue with a false sense of who I am.

A Christian doesn’t believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation because he happens to be their way. A Christian must understand that Jesus is the way that they have happened to have found.

This really resonated with me because I’m pretty sure that at times, deep in my heart I have had a smugness because I have found Jesus is my way to God. I think I have robbed Jesus with a kiss by treating this as some achievement of mine to have found the way. But really, it’s Jesus who found me, and humbled himself for me by death on a cross. It’s so easy to make the gospel somehow about me, when it’s really about God and his infinite love through Jesus.