Who is Kurzgesagt?

How do I address this when discussing Christianity with a seeking non believer? This stems from a previous post regarding 'how do I respond to Christianity is a coping mechanism?"

Hi @Malie It is my understanding that Kurzgesagt is the German word for “in a nutshell”. It is also the name of a German animation studio whose founder is Philipp Dettmer. The animation videos cover politics, education, science, technology, psychology, and other fields using minimalistic form and design.

The starting point or underlying belief system in these videos appears to support ‘Optimistic Nihilism’ or embracing the viewpoint that there is no purpose or meaning to life, but we make it meaningful and purposeful by creating our own. On a side note: This same website that discusses what optimistic nihilism is, spends equal verbiage on the topic of depression. No surprise there.

I would ask the question of what is his/her/their coping mechanism for dealing with the very real despair and depression that must come as a result of following this belief system. I once heard someone say in an online lecture (I can’t remember who said it or I would give the credit) that Christianity was not a crutch. It was a wheelchair, a defibrillator and a life support system.

Amen to that. I couldn’t agree more.

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Thank you @MaryBeth1. This is the same gentlemen that I spent an hour on the phone with discussing Christianity. Three of my question threads are related to our conversations.

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