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Who is the contact person for college age young adults? Thank you

What is the contact person/email in RZIM for college and high school young adults? Thank you.
Dr. Elizabeth Johnson,
College of Education
Eastern Michigan University

One of the guys heading up the young adults initiative at RZIM is @lou.phillips. In fact, you can engage with him personally this week over on the #ask-rzim Q&A forum. He’s the featured speaker of the week, though this is the last day for him to be engaging there. Just click on the link below to see his thread. :slight_smile:

There may be a certain official channel you need to go through to reach him, so I will leave it to the Atlanta HQ folks to direct you there. You can also view his official bio and speaking schedule here.

YAYYYYYYYYY! Thank you Kathleen for Louis’ contact info! I should review all of my emails from you before I respond.
In Him . . . Immensely!

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Hi @Elizabeth_K_Johnson,

It depends what you are looking for. As Kathleen mentioned, Lou would be a great person to talk to as he has worked a lot with teens and young adults including having a role in a number of RZIM’s student initiatives. Someone on our Zacharias Institute team may be able to assist you as well depending on your question. If you’re considering inviting RZIM to be a part of an event you’re planning, you can submit a speaker request, and someone will be able to reach out to you to explore possibilities. Generally speaking, you can always feel free to email us at, and we will route your email to whoever we think would be able to best address your particular question. Please feel free to clarify your question for us further or to contact us by email.