Why are Humans Naturally Inclined to Help Those in Need?

“Regardless of what you believe, I think most of us have this natural inclination to help those in need. Or to at least appreciate humanitarian initiatives. But why? Where does this inclination come from?” Shawn Hart discusses this on Tuesday’s Take Five.

All human beings have value because we are created in the image of God, and because of this, they are worth saving.

At the heart of the biblical idea of love is sacrifice; there’s a cost involved. We see this ultimately lived out by Jesus, as He sacrificed His life to give life.

Christianity gives us the most solid foundation for our natural inclinations to be involved in charitable work because we are all the image of a God who has been charitable toward us.

Make it Personal

  • If sacrifice is at the heart of love, what are you sacrificing in loving others?

  • What does it practically look like to encourage and support our non-Christian friends in helping others while also pointing them to the only satisfactory reason why we are inclined to do so?