Why did God choose Israel above all other nations?


Am from Ontario, Canada. I joined connect so as to share and get apologetics insights from fellow seekers.

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My first question here is how do you explain " Why did God choose Israel above all other nations ?" to questioners?


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Welcome Benjamin and lm sure you will benefit a lot from this platform. The way l see it God did not choose israel as if he is a respect or of persons rather the nation’s of israel grow from individuals who were obidient to God therefore the blessing of God was able to flow in and through generations to come , eg in the new testament Titus is commended by paul when he said lm pursuaded that the same faith which was in your grandmother, your mother is also in you so even blessing wise the family of Titus would look blessed so then that’s how it may seem like God chose isreal also Abraham was blessed so that he would be a blessing to the nation’s so just because he was blessed because he believed God ,that did not mean that he became special over other people his duty was to preach God to Godless nations .a responsibility was on him ,the same with us christians today. If you can recall scripture when Abraham lied that Sarah was her sister and God came talked to the king’s of that nation and the king questioned him why did u do such a thing lying to us Abraham said l thought lm in a Godless nations that does not fear God .so to me there were nations in that day which feared God , even the child born of hagai he also became a nation and the when the nation of israel was walking to the promised land they were cautioned not to fight Ishmael because God had a said they will became a nation . So l see God blessing isreal as a result of the obedience of abraham, and the father’s who came afterwards and the fact that he had blessed them did not mean any other nation was lesser or inferior


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Philippians 1:9-11

Thanks James. Let me check that section out.

Thanks Christiana! I found the question actually already answered!

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Thanks Emmanuel for the explanation!

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Very good, @Emmanuel - the scripture that your explanation is looking for is Deuteronomy 7:7-9. Excellent explanation of it!

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