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Why did God place the tree of knowledge in Eden

This is a question asked by a non-believer. Why did God create the tree of knowledge in Eden in spite of knowing that man would eat of it and fall short of God’s glory?

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Hello @varghese4jesus

Thank you so much for an incredible question.
It is one of the many questions I think a lot when I was starting in my Christian faith.

I would like to give you 2-3 responses here:
1.) The Bible does not tell us directly why God created the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but the Scripture tells us that everything God created are “good.” This part of His creation reflects His majesty and has a big part on the narrative of humanity.

2.) God and Adam & Eve had a perfect fellowship in the Garden of Eden. Imagine, you have a direct access with God and always in the realm of His presence, that what would it look like. I cannot imagine how we can still turn our back from God when in spite of our first hand experience with His love.

God given Adam & Eve freedom of the will and He commanded them not to eat the fruit of the tree. Like any kind of commandment, we can either “obey” it or “not.” The Scripture tells us Adam & Eve chose to disobey God.

God did not create humans knowing they would fall short of His glory, in the given freedom God gave them, God allows humans to fall short.

3.) But the story is not over, even though God knew humans would fall short of His glory. He also knew that humanity can be redeemed and it is through His Son Jesus Christ. The completion of this narrative is found in perfect sacrifice and victorious resurrection of Jesus.

God does not violate the freedom He has given us.
The eating of the fruit has a big part in the narrative of the Scripture.
The narrative that we are fallen and God redeemed us.

Is it the greatest story of all?

I hope these responses help you.


Thank you for your response. Could you explain a bit more on the tree of knowledge part? As in, man had free will whether or not to eat. But why did God create the tree, actually? He could have chosen not to create it right? I do understand point 1 that whatever God created is good.


Thank you so much for your appreciation @varghese4jesus

Yes, I would like to add a bit more explanation.

God created the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for two reasons:

1.) It is to show that Adam & Eve have “freedom of the will” If God did not create the tree, it could be that Adam & Eve are robots. And God wants us to know that one of the greatest gifts He ever gave us is freedom.

Therefore, when Adam & Eve were tempted by the Snake (Devil) They knew they have the choice to either obey God’s commandment not to eat the fruit or to do what the Devil says.

The ultimate proof that we are free is when we come to the situation where we have to make a choice. And God created the tree of knowledge in order for Adam & Eve to realized that gift of freedom.

2.) God created the tree because even though Adam & Eve had freedom, it also has restrictions and limitations. The first humanity is free to do whatever they want in the Garden of Eden, but God still commanded them not to eat the fruit of the tree.

We have freedom, but it also has limitations, and God knew we can use that freedom to obey Him and disobey Him. And the Scripture tells us what the first humanity chose to do.

If God did not create that tree of knowledge, Adam & Eve would never realized how precious their gift of freedom.
God did not create the tree of knowledge in order for Adam & Eve to sin, He allows the snake to tempt them, in order for them to know the possibility of what our freedom can bring.

And I do believe God did not regret to create the tree of knowledge. Why? Because humanity was redeemed through His salvation revealed in Christ Jesus.
Jesus’ sacrifice is the completion of the Biblical narrative, even from the Beginning.

I hope these additional responses help.




@domingoosabel your response has really blessed my understanding thanks bro


Thank you so much brother @ChaminaAladin
Really appreciate it. It means a lot to me.

Praise be to God!


Really appreciate your efforts and your answers. Thank you so much again. God bless you abundantly. :blush: And your resources too.


Thank you, once again, for appreciation.

May God continue to use this ministry to help you grow in the knowledge and love of our LORD Jesus Christ.