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Why did Jesus have to be the one to become the sacrifice?

My sister and I came upon a question we can’t answer.

Can you answer for us, why Jesus had to be the one to become the sacrifice? If God needed to reconcile man to Himself and the way to do so was to make incarnate a spiritual being into flesh then have him die in the place of the world He so loved, then, an angel, any spiritual being (which is sinless) could do, right?

(I reasoned that if perfection was the issue—hence a “good” man like Abraham or Samuel or any other human being couldn’t be the sacrifice because man is fallen—the angels that didn’t rebel with the third aren’t “fallen” and so could have been just as sufficient?)

(We looked beyond the reasoning that Jesus had to be the one because God so loved that He sent His best, His Son—because, “He sent Jesus because He loves us that much” doesn’t answer the question we’re asking, the mechanics of it that is)

Thanks so much!

God bless.

{P.S. : As I was asking the question, I nearly said “him or her“ in reference to the sacrifice and I just wondered, the idea is that all the spiritual beings, “good” or “bad” are all either male or gender neutral, correct? Incorrect? So then that would mean women, females, are unique to the human race?}


Hi, @Alecia!

It has to be God Himself, in the person of His Son, who has to be the sacrifice for man’s sin because of the following reasons:

  1. To exemplify command responsibility
  2. No other being can compensate fully to what has been destroyed
  3. To nullify the cosmic controversy (i.e. Satan claiming partiality against God)

The book Hebrews best describes why Jesus was the perfect sacrifice for the Fall of Man.
I hope the below link could help…


Hi Alecia

Thank you for your very good question :slightly_smiling_face:. I too have often thought over this and wondered if another could have fulfilled the sacrifice that Jesus fulfilled. One of the first questions we should ask ourselves is whether any other created thing was able to ransom or pay the debt for all of humanities sins? For a just transaction to be completed, the price paid has at least got to be of equal or greater value to the amount owed. If I get a speeding ticket of $100, I can’t pay $80 and expect justice to be satisfied. If I paid $100 or $1000, either way, the cost will be paid and a just transaction completed. The demands of the law are fulfilled. Considering this, if humanity is the pinnacle of God’s creation, what other being, besides God, was able to give a sacrifice of equal or greater value to redeem all of humanity from all of humanities sins? Hebrews 1:14 confirms that the angels are not of greater value than humans, but have a role as ministering spirits to serve us who would inherit salvation.

What we also know from scripture is that humanity is of incredible value to God. Incredible value! We are made to be children of God (Romans 8: 15-16), we are made to be temples in which God lives (Ephesians 2:22), to be friends of God (John 15:14-15), to inherit eternal life because we truly “know” God and love Him. We were created for eternal communion with God because He loves us and desires to have everlasting fellowship with us. It is difficult to describe the unbelievable worth that God has bestowed on humanity. The cross was a statement that there was no other who could pay the cost because there was no other worth the price.

A further point worth considering is that we know that God is love, and so loving in His nature. Love shows itself in self-sacrifice. If God created another creature to suffer for our sins, when God Himself had the power to do so, God would not be acting according to His nature. God sent His Son to die for our sins because God so loved the world (John 3:16). It is an act of the love and grace of God which accords with the nature of God.

I think there are a few ways to look at your question and so I have hopefully given you some to consider as potential answers. I hope that this will be of some help to you.

God bless


Interesting Question Alecia, Thank You .
First thing that strikes me is the fact that angels do not die, how would you kill an angel ?
Secondly is the fact that angels have a hierarchy and each were created with a specific purpose in mind
long before the fall of Johnny come lately, man .
There is one class of angel whose only purpose is to surround the throne of God for instance .
Michael would seems to be at the highest level of this angel hierarchy in that it is he who will contends with the devil himself .
You could never have an angel rejected of men .
Many today that reject the salvation of one born in an animals feeding trough , are eager to worship an angel .
The fact that the two largest cult’s in the world today were created through contact with an " angel " bears this out .
Angel worship is big business .
God Bless + Mike


Thank you so much!

You raised some really good points to consider. Especially concerning God’s nature and the implications of Him sending another as the sacrifice v.s. coming Himself.

-Blessings :pray:t5:

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