Why does my post need approval?

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

There are two common situations where your post will need approval from the moderator team.

The first is if you use one of our topic templates and immediately post the content. For instance, this is very common in the #welcome-to-connect Category. A new post will be created that simply says, “Hi everyone”. We generally discourage these posts as it is difficult to reply to such a brief opening statement. Go ahead and boldly introduce yourself! :slight_smile:

The second reason your post might need approval is if your post include a word or phrase that is included in a ‘watched words’ list we maintain. Currently, there are a number of ‘false positives’ from this list. Over time, we are pruning this list so that it only prohibits truly offensive content from being posted in RZIM Connect, while still allowing for candid discussion of a variety of topics.

In either case, within a day or so, your post is likely to be approved for posting. In general, unless you are copy-pasting and attempting to post large amounts of plagiarized material or attempting to create posts with offensive content, or otherwise violating the terms of service, we will approve your post.

In the unlikely case that we cannot approve your post, we will reach out with a personal message explaining why the post is not allowed and how you can remedy the situation.

Thank you for your understanding as we maintain these safeguards for the community. I regret that occasionally these systems lead to incorrect flagging of your highly valuable contributions to the community.