Why doesn’t God make Himself more obvious?

@Chelsea_Casali your question reminds me of Heb 11:6 that tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He is and he is the rewarder of those who seek Him. What this tells me is that it is His design that He remains hidden. The reason I see is that if we saw obvious proof of His existence then following Him would not be a walk of faith. Then we would then be walking in what we know to be true.

Once we come to know Him by faith we will want to please Him. How can we do that if our walk is not by faith? We need to pray that God will reveal Himself to your father in the manner of His choosing that your dad will have faith to accept Him, and begin to please God.


Great Point Timothy! I would like to share this perspective as it makes sense to me. I think there are no simple answers to this question yet you have done it quite well and with a few words! Well done! Thanks Terry!


I heard an interview with Andy Bannister that addresses this topic. I thought it was an interesting response.
Atheists says; if God did a miracle for me I would believe in him.

Andy Bannister: God is not interested in your beliefs… Demons believe in God. God wants your trust and submission.
( I would add relationship)
Atheist: What right does God have to ask anything like that?


  1. He is God.
  2. God has given you everything in Jesus. God has made the first move. While we do things against God he still died and suffered for all of us.

Hi Chelsea great to hear from you. Sorry for the delay. There is a time difference as I’m in Australia .

I would start with his discussions on the universe and how it points to Christ and a loving Creator below are two clips to start . There are a lot of others . It may be a matter of just listening for a couple of weeks before you decide your approach re your dad . His books look great. . It’s so exciting to see how the evidence is so profound now that now the Argument has shifted from no creator to which creator. Amazing !!!

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Sorry Chelsea look up reasons to believe in Christ Hugh Ross you will find lots of clips to support how creation is pointing to Christ even more as we search the galaxies for answers in the 21st century. We have over 180 characteristics that point to a loving creator.

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