Why God almighty make us live in this world?

Why God Almighty just send Jesus when he can do everything. Likewhy he want us to suffer?


Hi @maripgyunglum thank you for your honest question.

I’ll start by clarifying as I might not have properly understood your question. Jesus and God are one in the same, to put it precisely, Jesus is God in a human body. Part of the trinity consisting of God, Jesus and the holy spirit. They are 1 God in 3 persons. By sending Jesus down, God is trying to form a reconciliation with mankind by taking all our sins upon the cross.
By God asending Jesus down, he is showing his love for us by sacrificing his own son to restore the relationship with mankind and to also offer grace and forgiveness to those who believe in him. Allowing us to become his children. In this way, God is actually doing something.

Secondly, God does not want us to suffer it’s really difficult to interpret the scripture and put one’s trust in God, especially when one’s view of God is that of a God that likes to see us suffer. I know life is difficult and sometimes it’s hard ro believe, but the heart of the Christian God is one filled with love for his children (us).
God sees and understands our suffering, so much so that he comes down to first handedly experience the brokeness of life and this world.

We have to remember that Jesus, along with being fully God is fully human. He suffered in everyway we do, ( being hated, betrayed, tempted, stress/anxiety, physical hurt etc.). Along with that, on the cross he takes every sin committed in all of mankind, being rejected by his father for our sake. Yet, despite everything, he managed to set a good example for all of us to follow through the trials and pains of life. Offering us help and bearing our burderns as we walk with Christ.

Suffering is not caused by God, but rather by the brokeness of the world as the result of Adam and Eve, choosing to turn away from God in the garden of Eden. As powerful as our God is, he cannot overwrite the freedom of choice Humans have. Thus, the consequences of our actions.
That does not mean God likes to see his people suffer, he is always in the midst making things right and coming through for his people time and time again after they have failed, especially through Jesus.

The day that God fully restores everything is what many believers are looking forward to. He’s always waiting in Love for people to take his hand and walk with him through the ups and downs of life.
God created a perfect world that we ruined, but take heart because he is in the midst of restoring it back into what it was supposed to be. :blush:

John 16:33
I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.


Hi @maripgyunglum, thank you for your question. I don’t know what exactly is behind it, but I perceive some pain in your own life. Please tell me if I’m wrong, but let me say you that you are valued and God loves you, but He is also a God of wisdom. In other words, I can’t tell you why God allows suffering because I’m not God. He has infinite wisdom and because He is love, He may have some good reasons to allow it. We can understand on a very basic level as we see how a doctor inflicted some pain to his patient when he has to remove a tumor, he makes it for a good reason.

In the case of Jesus, He had to die for us because of our sin deserves punishment. It is true that God can do anything, but He can’t forgive freely because by doing that He will turn unjust. Let me put some example: A judge that says “I’m so good I want to forgive everybody” and set criminals free is not a good judge, is an unjust one.

But there God shows his love for us, for you. We no longer deserve any punishment. If we trust in Jesus, we are free from that. It is true that we remain in this fallen world, but we are not alone. God is not a distant all-wisdom and all-loving Father. He is near to us, and He understands us because He himself suffered. And He promised us He will be with us until the end.

“And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
Matthew 28:20

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