Why God would punish eternally based on the finite life that we have on this earth?

Hi Thejus,

I am from India, my question is why God would punish endlessly (hell) , based on the finite life (approx 70 years) that we have on this earth ?
I am not atheist, I am a Christian but it would be so helpful to me if these doubts gets cleared.


Dear Kiran,

That’s a very interesting question.

Two quick clarifications,
One, we don’t know what eternal means. We tend to use the word forever. But ‘forever’ is sequential. It is interesting, however, that ‘forever’ is often used in the context of love. Perhaps it is a reminder that we have been created in the image of an eternal loving God.

Two, while thinking about heaven and hell is important, it is also good to bear in mind that the reason Jesus came was to affirm that God is Love and the purpose of his resurrection was not only to send us to heaven but more so to transform us into his likeness.

Keeping these two clarifications in mind, as humans we are invited to worship him. We usually worship what we love. And by worshiping Christ we are made more in his likeness bearing eternity in our hearts. Worship in this sense is the foretaste of things to come. It is like how children role-play anticipating the future.

For those who reject God intentionally, considering all things (motives and experiences), are also rejecting the eternal image of God in them. They instead worship everything other than God. Now, if worship is seen as role-playing for the future then, it is possible, that these people are unwilling to anticipate God in the future.

It is not God’s desire but it is theirs.

I hope this helps.

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