Why is the June 4th core module locked?

Hello, I have been saving up money to start the core module course for June 4th, I finally have the money and then when I went to go register, it was locked. Do I have to wait another month now? I was really hoping to get into the June 4th date. It would be HIGHLY appreciated if anyone knows anything or has any advice? Is there any other courses I could do? I was really dedicated to saving money to get into this month. I’m pretty upset about it.

Hey @Christian_Rodriguez, sorry for the predicament you’re in. Have you reached out to the RZIM Accademy about it?

Hi @CharityLinzey,

I have on instagram and twitter, and here. But to no avail yet.

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Here’s a link to the RZIM accademy, they have a ribbon on it for contacting them, maybe they can help.

I hope it works out for you as I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Core Module program!

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Awesome thank you. I’m am very excited to start when I can!

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