Why Jesus Chose Authenticity Over Artificiality

Are you living authentically, or portraying an image of yourself to the world? “In the Gospels time and time again, Jesus urged people to be original,” RZIM India’s Neil Vimalkumar says in today’s Take Five. Watch more as Neil unpacks three key ways Jesus urged his disciples to live in truth, using the biblical character of John the Baptist as an example of living an authentic life.

Broadly speaking, doubts come from a seeker or from a skeptic. A seeker is one who has a doubt, but is willing to work through it and seek input. A skeptic on the other hand raises a doubt but is content to remain a doubter; the skeptic does not want to move from the station of doubt.

John wasn’t going to be swayed by popular demand or public opinion; he had his bearings deep.

Often times, in an engagement with people, when we ask them a counter question, it helps them identify the real issue.

Make it Personal

  • How do you see Jesus’ call on your life to live more authentically?

  • What is the apologetic and/or evangelistic value in living authentically and not artificially?

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