Why Jesus, the son of God when he was co-equal with father?

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Hi everyone,

Why is that jesus given the title son of God,as we can see jesus himself referring himself as son of God when he was co-equal with the father. Is there any specific reason for that title if so please do let me know the reason because many do question me when I preach that how can three co-equal personalities differ in their identity to become one? The corresponding question is that why only jesus had to die for our sins and not the father if they are co-equal ?

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@Praneeth18 That is a great question. I think there are 3 points I would start out with:

  1. Father, Son and Holy Spirit is metaphor - Jesus’ relationship to the Father is ‘like’ a father/son relationship but it is not the same thing
  2. If God is truly great beyond our ability to understand, then it is entirely possible He is one in Being and three in Person - One in essence, three in Person
  3. Each Person of the Trinity is equal in essence, but has different roles in salvation history

So - why didn’t the Father have to die on the cross? Yes, Jesus and the Father are both equally God, but as separate Persons their role in salvation history is different. The Father willingly gave His Son. The Son went to the cross in obedience to the Father. The Spirit empowered all who came to the Father through the Son.

As separate Persons of the Trinity, the Father and the Son do not have to do all of the same things and yet they can still be one in essence.

Below are some resources I recommend for further reading on this topic of the Trinity. May Christ grant you wisdom as you study :slight_smile:


Significance of 'Jesus' as Son of God
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Thanks Sean,i would go through the whole topic which u addressed. I hope God will grant his wisdom while reading the topic so that I can understand every point clearly☺️

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@Praneeth18 I hope so too - feel free to ask further questions :slight_smile:

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Okay sure​:slight_smile::+1: