Why? Series - 2019 Schedule

On Saturday 18 May, 2019, Simon Edwards will lead our team of apologists as they guide believers through the complex ethical landscape that surrounds humanity’s progress. We will explore the increasing significance of the Gospel in a world that technology has made limitless and equip you to understand what progress truly looks like from a Christian perspective

What significance has the Gospel for humanity in an accelerating world without limits? This event will equip you to address contemporary challenges to the Christian understanding of what it means to be human by exploring:

The day will include…

10:50am UK Time - Am I Just My Brain: can neurons explain belief in God?

At 10.50am (UK time), join Dr Sharon Dirckx for the first of today’s livestreams from our Why Series event in London. What is the relationship between our brains and our minds—and ultimately our sense of identity as a person? Are we more than machines? Is free-will an illusion? Do we have a soul?

13:55pm UK time - Bioethics: the Christian response to euthanasia and gene manipulation

We’ll be exploring with Andy Moore the role of gene manipulation in God’s world and envisioning a Christian framework within which to evaluate its goals and limitations.

After a Q&A with Andy, we’ll be joined by Dr Calum Miller to discuss the Christian response to euthanasia.

15:30 UK time - Key questions for Christian Apologists in the 21st century: Q&A Panel

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