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Why should I read Saving Truth by Abdu Murray?

Hello. Why should I read Saving Truth by Abdu Murray?


Hi Koddi
What made you ask that question? If someone recommended it and you trust them - why not give it a try - and let everyone know what you think!

BTW I’ve heard him speak a few times and he spoke accessibly and had good things to say.

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I know this was a unusual question. This book was not recommenced to my by anyone, I came across it as the was a recommended read connect to another book I purchased. I asked the question this way to draw out why readers choose this book over another, or why they choose this book in general. (Maybe I should ask the question in these terms?;o)

I have just started to read this book and I have already learned so much, looking forward to digging into the rest of this book. Thanks you for your feedback.

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Hello, @koddig33!
That’s a good question that I can’t answer, as I haven’t had the chance yet to read it myself. I am glad that you are enjoying it thus far! I just wanted to point you along to what others here on Connect have been saying about it. It was actually the first book that the Cover To Cover podcast team (@Ivy_Tyson and @Shawn_Hart) discussed. You can listen to those discussions at the link below. Happy reading! :slight_smile:

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Hi @koddig33! I’ve only read chapter one (sample chapter​:sweat_smile:) but I would definitely purchase one. I just finished listening to Saving Truth series from Cover to Cover podcast, at the same time, finished the Saving Truth devo on the Youversion app. I learned a lot! It opened my eyes to a lot of things and we even had a session regarding post-truth during one of my university friends’ zoom fellowship and a lot of us realized that we’ve been so deep within this post-truth culture yet we have no idea we’re already in it. It’s definitely something worth spending your time with.:wink:

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