Why should we give Cornelius a high five?

(Louis Mauro) #1

dear Ravi,

in Acts 10, the Bible mentions a man named “Cornelius”, when i was watching, Dr David Jerimiah, he said when we see Cornelius in heavan, we should give him a “high five”.

my question is, why should we do this (give him a high five).

i love watching your show also, it has resulted in me using a dictionary.

thank you Ravi

(Kathleen) #2

Hello, @dutch! Very interesting question. I can’t answer for Ravi or Dr. David Jeremiah, but if we have hands in heaven, I will give Cornelius a high-five because he was the man God used to teach Peter that Gentiles were no longer unclean. As a non-Jew, I am very grateful for the chance to know JAHWEH (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) both here on earth and in the age to come. :slight_smile: