Why Strive to Do Anything on Earth If Jesus Is Returning?

If God’s going to come back and create new Heavens and new earth, why strive to do anything on earth while we’re here? What’s the point of going through suffering on earth? Besides, what’s so compelling about a Heaven full of rosy-cheeked cherubs? Kasey Leander looks at these questions in today’s Take Five.

The promise of an eternity where God makes everything new again is what gives Christians the bedrock confidence we are going to need to live with purpose in this life.

When thinking about heaven, the dominant themes we see in scripture, when Jesus talks about eternity, are weddings and feasting.

Jesus connects the story of humanity once and for all, all the way through, and finally, in Revelation, as the new heavens and the new Jerusalem come down to Earth, they’re both a heavenly city and a redeemed garden. That’s our eternal purpose, and it’s a hope that gives us perspective on the past, courage for today, and hope for tomorrow.

Make it Personal

  • Rather than it being merely an abstract belief, how can we actively take courage and hope in the future to come as described in the Bible?

  • How does thinking about the future to come, ground us in living out a life of mission and sharing the Gospel?

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And bury our “talents” we have been entrusted with in the ground, keeping them safe until His return .
Yes I think Jesus mentioned that .

If we live lives fully grounded on the truth of the Bible, we get to experience a little bit of heaven on earth. And when people see our Christlike character, they get to see a glimpse of heaven. If we live idle lives, just passively waiting for the new heaven and earth, I think we lose the oportunity to get a taste of heaven. It’s like me buying mangosteen. The seller usually offers us a piece for free tasting. The moment I started tasting it’s sweetness, the greater my craving will be for more of the fruit and the greater my desire to buy a lot.
Similarly, the more we get a glimpse of God’s kingdom by living in obedience to His word and experiencing Jesus personally daily here on earth, the greater our longing for heaven. And as every good food tastes even better when shared, this longing for heaven will drive us to share the gospel to the people around us so they can also “Taste and see that the Lord is good”, thus,multiplying joy.

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Hello all- some good thoughts and questions here. I have heard said that it’s better to look forward and not back to the past too much. This is illustrated by a cars front windshield allowing full view and the rearview mirror is small -to be only occasionally glanced at while moving forward.
Romans 8:38 has us contemplating the present and future in The ‘Who shall separate us from the love of God, …things that are present and things yet to come‘…Again moving forward and not the past. I am also learning this in my life right now and get get bogged down from regrets or failures of the past which is not a good thing. I recall the last book in the Narnia series by CS Lewis who was such a great storyteller with depth of meaning to those moving into Aslan’s (Jesus) country with the charge to go “higher up and further in”! This is always our final destination and focus- not this current life.

Just to add a little to the discussion. Strangely enough, while applying lotion to my hands, a light bulb blinked on regarding this question. Why strive to do anything on Earth.

I was reminded of the nature of our fallen world, because of what occurred in Eden. Or even what occurs in our present world. Sin warped the nature of our world. Introducing death and all its destructive influences.

Because of this fallen nature, there is no such thing as a passive environment. Every day we rise, perform our rituals to prepare ourselves to live together. If we did not, the decaying nature of this world would consume our natural bodies. Making them unusable. Putrid in its presence. If we did not daily wash it, feed and nourish it, and give it rest; it would continue, unabated, on its pre-determined march towards the grave.

A great deal of our striving in this world is a simple act of controlling the death and decay that surrounds us. It’s why we cut our lawns and our toenails. It keeps the fallen nature of this world in check.

Even the atheist strives in this same way. They may not acknowledge GOD, but nobody likes early morning breath. So most of us brush our teeth.

The gift, the bonus of striving or living in this world, is when you discover what can be accomplished with JESUS. The only means of escaping the death that grips our world. Loving the Lord adds the element of acquisition to our striving. We are not just living until these bodies give way, in JESUS all our striving returns us to the conditions GOD intended for us in that garden so long ago.

We can enjoy the striving that keeps the decay at bay, while we gain eternal life with JESUS! Boy, loving the Lord is such a win, win!

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