Why would God create in stages?

Any idea why God would create the world in stages when He could just create everything at once? It reminds me of Mark when Jesus healed the blind man in steps and he saw men like trees walking.


Unsure why God would create in stages, but, a beautiful thing in this, our lives unfolds in stages, and it can help us know to chill a bit. We often want everything to be instant. Beyound that, knowing that we came after many good things God created, that we have been made to enter into the rest of God, is quite nice.

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Denaj, that is an interesting question. Welcome to connect hope you gain the wisdom knowledge, and understanding you are searching for.
Your question to me is best answered first with a question. Can anyone comprehend a complex infinite creator. No one who wrote the bible could grasp Him or Heaven, they all had to explain what they saw or experienced In finite human terms. The creating story follows a logical progression necessary for us to order out of chaos. Thanks for that question?
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Hey @intro_v,

The answer to the question depends largely in how Genesis 1 is interpreted on a scale from literal to metaphorical. What could be seen as stages could be just poetic construction of the creation story first in spaces (vv3-13, days 1-3) that are then filled (vv14-31, days 4-6). Or if literal stages, we may need to answer questions like how long a day is, and how to have day and night without a sun. Then again, knowing one day with God is like a thousand (2 Peter 3:8), do we still have stages but in longer expanses of time, so then are we back to time as a metaphor? We should also be open to idea that regardless of the position a Christian may take, we can agree He is still Creator and King.

Considering that Genesis was not intended to be an exact scientific document of creation, there is quite a bit of discussion around its interpretation. I’d recommend checking out some of the great conversations on RZIM pertaining to this. Here are a few that come to mind:

I find John Lennox’s book, Seven Days that Divide the World, a valuable resource on this topic. Here is his book and a lecture he gave on it:

(He speaks at 9:50, but the introduction is worth watching if you are not familiar with Lennox.)

I’m sure others can chime in with other resources that may speak better for you. How does this perspective of metaphor versus literal hit you when we approach the idea of why it would seem that God created in stages? I hope it is useful. For me, I tend to step away from the exactness of a literal translation where boundaries of time need to be determined.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks everybody. I’m still thinking through this. It seems that God does things that are “unnecessary” to Him, maybe as an example for us. I don’t know. Like resting on the 7th.