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Why Would God Do Miracles?

Why doesn’t God perform more miracles today so that more people would believe Him? In today’s Take Five, Matthew Mittelberg addresses this question, looking at why God does miracles in the first place.

Sometimes, a miracle is the very evidence that we need to believe.

The idea that God should just perform a miracle for all of us seems to assume that all that God really desires from us is an intellectual assent to his existence. This is a misunderstanding.

Ultimately, why would God do a miracle? Because He wants us to understand that He is real and He loves us.

Make it Personal

  • Have you experienced or witnessed a miracle? Did this help you grow in intellectual assent of God’s existence, or help you grow in understanding of God’s love for you, or help shape your Christian life in some way?

  • Do you ask God for miracles? Why or why not?

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Yes, God has performed miracles in my life and the ones that have touched me are those that He has performed especially when I felt I wasn’t deserving yet inspite of me He still answered my prayers and showed me that He cares for me.